Administrative and Municipal Law

In the realm of administrative law, the office counsels public entities, municipalities and municipal bodies, and specializes in ongoing accompaniment of these bodies. In this framework, we accompany the various organs of these bodies: executive management, elected management bodies, tenders committees as well as other organs.

The office has an in-depth familiarity with municipal bodies and municipalities, government companies and municipal and semi-municipal corporate involvement. The office deals with regulation applying to these bodies in terms of the law and laws relevant to these bodies.

Furthermore the office represents clients in administrative litigation regarding tenders, planning and construction and class action suits against municipal bodies.

Representation of the Government and Government Companies. The office represents government ministries in tenders and litigation..

Furthermore the office represents government companies and other companies in day-to-day joint government and municipal maintenance.

Tenders. The office deals intensively with tenders, representing public, government and municipal bodies in preparing tenders, accompaniment of tenders committees and administrative litigation in the realm of tenders. The office has experience in complex PPP, BOT and PFI tenders as well as government and private entities representation.

Municipalities and Municipal Companies. The office represents municipalities and municipal bodies in all aspects of their work: ongoing accompaniment in the framework of projects and tenders, and administrative litigation in the fields of tenders, and more.

Public Bodies. The office also represents additional public bodies subject to administrative law, such as hospitals, colleges for higher education, and statutory bodies budgeted from the government’s budget.

Administrative Litigation. The Litigation Department of the office represents public bodies, organizations and private claimants in administrative claims as well as class action suits submitted by the office for administrative claims.


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