Commercial & High-Tech

The office provides legal counseling to companies and shareholders, directors and office-holders, as well as dealing, inter alia, with foundation agreements, establishment of companies, partnerships, investment agreements, remuneration for senior staff and more.

Ongoing Counseling. The office provides legal counseling on corporate law, which is required in the course of day-to-day management of the corporation, on corporate administration, as well as confidentiality agreements and commercial agreements with customers, suppliers and service providers. The legal services also include reports to the authorities and assistance in whatever may be required vis à vis these authorities.

Raising Capital and Acquisitions. The office handles raising capital and implementation of due diligence inquiries, investment agreements, mergers and acquisitions, contracts with strategic partners, joint venture cooperation and more.

Clients and International Agreements. Assistance is offered by the office in conduct of negotiations and drafting of clients’ agreements with international entities: as shareholders and partners, as suppliers and as clients. Among the office’s foreign clients are international concerns whose business and legal interests in Israel are handled by the office, and include sales and acquisitions of Israeli companies. The office also deals with the connection between the clients and lawyers and accountants abroad, and advises them concerning contracts abroad.

Intellectual Property and Technology. For clients in this field, the office also offers counseling in the realm of intellectual property, in the framework of technology and intellectual property transfer (IP Transfer), licensing agreements, protection of trade secrets, knowledge transfer agreements, registration of trademarks and defense against infringement of intellectual property rights.


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