Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property in the Realm of Technology. The office deals with drafting agreements on transfer of technology (IP Transfer) and intellectual property, licensing agreements, protection of trade secrets and agreements on transfer of knowledge. As part of its specialization in agreements with academic commercial bodies, the office provides counseling to development and innovation centers that are based on academic knowledge.

Trademarks and Symbols. The office handles registration of trademarks and symbols for clients from Israel and abroad.

Enforcement. In cases of infringement of trademarks and symbols rights, the office represents the clients in the legal proceedings.

Foreign Cooperation. As a correspondent of patents and intellectual property firms abroad, the office represents them in their fields of endeavors in Israel, both in extending patent registrations and in the field of trademarks and symbols.

Copyrights. artists, writers and creators in the field of media are represented by the office, both in protection of their copyrights, as well as in their agreements with publishers, galleries and commercial bodies in these areas. Furthermore, in the framework of ongoing representation of its clients, the office has accumulated a great deal of experience in negotiations with copyrights holders, for the utilization of those rights, working with festivals, and agreements with creators for distribution of rights in creations and use of them.


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