Pro Bono

The pro bono activities have been conducted in the office since its founding and are integrated into its endeavors and essence. The office has set for itself the goal of being involved in society and public activity, pro bono, and to act for the advancement of social objectives. The office operates from a commitment to the community and to society and takes upon itself diverse voluntary activities as an integral part of its activities.

The office provides pro bono legal counseling and/or is involved in the activities of numerous bodies and among them, the Non-Profit for the Forum of Battalion, Brigade Commanders and Reserve Pilots,  SHILUV Institute, the Non-Profit for Advancement of Education in the Spirit of “Keshet”, “Shira Hadasha”, “Bezechut”, “Bimkom”, the Press Council, the Non-Profit for Rehabilitation of Hearing Impaired Children (AV Israel), and more.


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