Associations, Public Bodies and NGOs

The office has extensive experience in the field of non-profits and companies for public benefit; both non-profits and companies for public benefit of a professional nature and large budgets, as well as smaller non-profits traditionally belonging to the third sector in the realm of human rights, in the world of the theater and the arts, music, education and more.

In this framework, the office provides ongoing counseling to various bodies in non-profits, in addition it counsels the managements of non-profits in their day-to-day actions and their activities as institutions without intention of profit with the business and professional world in the framework of which they operate.

Establishment and Accompaniment of Non-Profits. The office deals with the establishment of non-profits and companies for public benefit, drafting of unique charters for the bodies it establishes, while providing counseling already at the establishment stage in regard to the manner of desired operation, establishment of the various institutions of the non-profits and companies for public benefit, the rules applying to fiscal management and procedures that will ensure the granting of certification of proper management for these bodies.

Companies for Public Benefit and Large Non-Profits. The office provides counseling for especially large non-profits, whose financial activities stand at tens and hundreds of million New Israeli Shekels per year. Some of these non-profits are subject to the regulations of administrative law, tenders law and additional regulation.

Statutory Bodies. The office counsels additional bodies that are statutory corporations or operate as independent bodies even though they are incorporated by law. Counseling by the office is provided on an ongoing basis, as well as in their contractual agreements (usually in the framework of tenders law), in addition to litigation in the administrative and civil fields.

Social Organizations. The office provides legal counseling to various social organizations both for remuneration (at an especially reduced tariff) as well as in the framework of its pro bono activities.

Non-Profits for Education and Arts. The office provides ongoing counseling for non-profits and organizations dealing with the various arts (theater, multi-disciplinary theater, dance and more) as well as education (schools, music and arts schools and more).

The partners of the office play an active role in the framework of senior positions in organizations and non-profits. The partners in the office are appointed to senior positions in non-profits and various organizations; they have served in the past and are currently serving as chairpersons, members of management committees and even in executive roles in various non-profits and organizations.


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